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Chief Instructor and course controller Ms Michie Araki was born in Japan and has studied under a number of Japanese Masters of Shiatsu including Shizuto Masunaga, Tokujiro Namikoshi and Toru Namikoshi


Michie is the highest qualified Shiatsu practitioner in Australia today whose qualifications include a Bachelor of Physical Education, Diploma of Shiatsu, Diploma of Seitai, Diploma Macrobiotic Dietetics all from colleges in Japan. She also holds proficiency licenses to both teach and practice Shiatsu in Japan. In addition, Michie is a Yoga Master and teacher having learnt her skills in India. She holds regular courses in Yoga at the Shiatsu Yoga Centre of Queensland. Michie has been a practitioner and teacher of both Shiatsu and Yoga for over 35 years.


The Shiatsu Yoga Centre works to further the knowledge of both practitioners and persons interested in natural medicine. The Shiatsu Yoga Centre runs a number of courses in Shiatsu, Yoga, Yogatsu, Qigong, Seitai, and Macrobiotic Dietetics. The Shiatsu Yoga Centre is also a busy clinic specialising in various mainstream modalities including Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Cupping, Naturopathy & Dietary Advice. Teaching and clinic staff are qualified and experienced practitioners in their specific field.

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